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How to deal with Hay Fever

We don't know about you but hay fever seems to be striking us earlier each year. Yes our eyes are itching and watering already sob, sob.

Here are a few of the DO's on the internet that you should be trying out to help relieve those hay fever symptoms.
Try putting a small dab of vaseline around your nostrils to trap the pollen and help control your hay fever, how easy is that and why didn't we think of that simple trick. Wear more of a wrap around style of sunglass which helps keep pollen away from your eyes. Unfortunately, it's not all about high fashion if you want to help your haydfever practicality comes first, here are a selection of sunglasses to help your hay fever.

Shower and wash your clothes after going outside to wash the pollen off. Now we think that's going to extremes, I mean you could be changing and washing your clothes all day who has time for that.
Keep your windows and doors shut as much as possible to keep the pollen out, also dust around your home with a damp cloth and regularly hoover. You can buy dust pollen filters for your vacuum cleaner and also the air vents of your car called HEPA filters. These little filters are made of fibres that collect the pollen out of the air. To put it simply, HEPA filters trap air contaminants in a complex web of fibres. Also if you are considering buying a HEPA filter for a room, find out how much air the filter can clean, be sure you buy one that is big enough for the room where you plan to use it.

If all else fails antihistamine tablets such as Loratadine and Allacan Cetirizine taken once a day can get you back to feeling normal and free from allergy symptoms these help prevent the symptoms associated with hayfever and high pollen count. They can also be taken for allergic skin reactions such as rash, itching and urticaria (more commonly known as Hives or Nettle Rash). We always recommend taking advice from your doctor before taking tablets.