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Are You Having A Good Hair Day?

It is all about the GOOD HAIR DAY are you having one...we have been checking out some of GHD's market-leading hair straighteners.

I know there is one item the FAYV team can't live without is a pair of GHD hair straighteners. We have all tried various cheaper versions over the years but none glide through your hair like a pair of GHD Hair Straighteners they have saved us from many a hair disaster. GHD's original hair straightener are perfect for straightening and curling your hair. The slim irons heat up quickly and evenly so you can style your hair to perfection.

If you have an unlimited budget you could splash out on the GHD Platinum Black limited edition with its innovative zone technology each plate has Sensor to ensure optimum temperature is evenly maintained. The GHD Platinum predicts your hairs needs... how clever is that. GHD are calling them the intelligent irons as each plate uses three sensors to ensure the best temperature is maintained across the entire plate to help reduce breakage at all times so you will end up having healthier stronger hair. It also has a sleep mode switches off if inactive for 30 minutes so no worries about rushing out and leaving your hair straighteners on all day. The GHD Platinum has universal voltage to perfect to take with you on your travels.